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Beachfront Bargain Hunt


Episode: A Texas Family Hunts for a Beachfront Bargain - 26:35 3 February

Jen and Trey Johnson, along with their two children, are looking for a beach home on Galveston's sandy shores. With the help of realtor Cheryl Smith, the family will check out several properties right on the coast.

Episode: Perfect Beachfront Getaway - 08:35 3 February

Deborah Hrab is a single woman looking for the ideal vacation home. With the aid of realtor Wende Pritchard, Deborah hopes to find a great spot where she and her girlfriends can spend their weekends together.

Episode: Galavantin' in Galveston - 15:50 3 February

A couple seeks a beach home in Galveston, Texas, to spend more time with their three small children.

About the show

Purchasing a beachfront property doesn't always mean buyers have to break the bank. This series documents the journeys of families who are dreaming of living in a sandy locale with palm trees and warm ocean breezes, but those dreams are accompanied by a firm budget. And by budget we mean substantially short of a million dollars. The house hunters tour three to four waterfront properties -- each with surprisingly affordable price tags -- before choosing the one that turns the beach lifestyle dreams into reality.

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