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Episode: Chris and Peyton's Wedding Reception Makeover - 12:00 14 April

Having recently married in another state, Chris and Peyton now want to host a wedding reception for friends and family who couldn't attend. Chris recruits his landscaping crew to turn the neglected yard into a beautiful, functional space.

Episode: Urban Farm Oasis - 12:30 14 April

A young couple hires Chris Lambton to create a beautiful urban farm in their backyard. Chris designs an eclectic backyard where the couple can grow and eat their own food in an inviting outdoor space.

Episode: Private Garden - 12:00 15 April

Chris Lambton designs a yard for new parents complete with a play area for little Leah and a great dining and entertaining space for mum and dad. Chris starts by levelling out the sloping landscape and ends with a playhouse.

About the show

In each episode professional landscaper Chris Lambton transforms a neglected backyard into an eye-popping outdoor family space, suitable for entertaining. Patios, water features, fire pits, arbors and truckloads of plants all will be revealed as the guests arrive to christen the new space with its first home run of a party.

Presented by: Chris Lambton

A professional landscaper and fan fave on The Bachelorette, Chris makes over neglected backyards alongside his wife, Peyton.

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