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Episode: Setting Down Roots on Oahu - 06:30 10 March

George and Lois Deuel have dreamed of living in Hawaii for over a decade. When George was given his most recent assignment and had the option of choosing Hawaii, he jumped on it.

Episode: Kauai Locals Buy First Home - 06:30 11 March

Danielle and Bryan Doo were born and raised on the island of Kauai. After going away for university, both returned to their home island with their three children to settle down.

Episode: Empty-Nesters Move to Kauai - 06:30 12 March

After 30 years of visiting Kauai, Brett and Rayna decide to make a permanent home on the island.

About the show

You don't have to be rich to live in Hawaii — you just have to want it, say the brokers at the Hawaii Life realty firm who make island-living dreams come true for clients ready to make it a reality. In Hawaii, properties range from $50K plots of land to $50 million-dollar dream homes, from Oahu to Kauai to the Big Island to Maui. The firm's 130+ brokers are unlikely real estate moguls, people who themselves have made the leap to the life in Hawaii, as they call it, and who want to see that others can enjoy it too. This half-hour real estate series will follow the firm's endless stream of clients who are abandoning their 9 to 5 lives in Anywhere, U.S.A., to take hold of a Hawaii Life.

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