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Episode: Tropical Roatan, Honduras - 05:00 13 April

Buck, Amy and their son Tristan are tired of their landlocked life in Texas. They're leaving it all behind to start a new boat business in Roatan, Honduras. Their first step is to find an amazing home for a bargain price.

Episode: A Couple Leaves Canada to Open a Catamaran Business - 05:00 14 April

JC and Felicia have grown tired of cold Canada. Felicia and JC are always off running their respective businesses. It feels like their professional lives have taken over their personal ones and they need a change. Enter Honduras.

Episode: A Couple Leaves Landlocked Austin for a Dream Life - 05:00 15 April

Jay and Lavina are tired of landlocked Texas. They love scuba diving more than anything, and the state's shallow pools, murky waters and long drives to bodies of water have become too much of a compromise.

About the show

We follow families as they leave the mainland behind and head to the Caribbean to live on island time. Join their search for an affordable slice of heaven, touring gorgeous homes on white sandy beaches. You don't have be rich to live in paradise!

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