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Episode: Greening Up the Big Black Box on the Farm - 20:00 14 July

Jason Cameron and crew head to rural Owenton, Kentucky to transform an eco-friendly house that sticks out a like a sore thumb. Neighbours say the big black house could use a little green on the outside.

Episode: America's Most Desperate Landscape - 20:30 14 July

Jason Cameron and the Desperate Landscape crew set out on their annual search for America's Most Desperate Landscape. Jason examined videos and pictures from across the country and found the ugliest front yard in Escondido.

Episode: A Desperate Landscape at Blog Cabin - 23:00 15 July

Jason Cameron teams up with Chris Grundy for one of the final projects at Blog Cabin. This dynamic duo installs new stairs for the front porch, sleek stainless steel wires to act as the porch railing, and a vintage pergola.

About the show

Nothing is more embarrassing than having the ugliest yard on the block — especially when your neighbors call you out. Armed with creative solutions, licensed contractor Jason Cameron transforms a negligent neighbor's troubled yard into an outdoor showplace — in only one day. From new planting beds and big, new trees to fresh paint and fencing, Desperate Landscapes is all about going from helpless to beautiful!

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