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Episode: Searching the Chicago Suburbs - 07:00 6 April

Newlyweds TJ and Jamie currently live in a rental, but they're eager to buy their first home together. They'd like to find a spacious three or four bedroom house in the Chicago suburbs.

Episode: Newlyweds Buying in Denver - 07:30 6 April

Jeff and Erica are newlyweds who have just relocated to Erica's home state of Colorado. But in order to save money for their first home, they moved in with Erica's mum where they haven't had much of a chance to be newlyweds.

Episode: Secret Passages in Minneapolis - 08:00 6 April

Young, hip couple Jacob and Megan are looking for their first home close to downtown. But Jacob, a musician, has an unusual request. He wants something with dark wood, unfinished spaces, and secret passageways.

About the show

This incredibly popular spin-off of House Hunters takes the search for the perfect property global as home hunters and their realtors investigate many styles of property and the reality of buying real estate in other countries. It’s an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to finding the ideal home – no matter which country you’re in.

Season 21 sees Lesley and Uli quit their jobs as executives for a three month sabattical to travel around North and South America in an RV named Harvey. Soon, three months turned into four years and they're still exploring. Inspired by their travels abroad, Leslie and Uli are now looking to settle down in a Spanish Colonial style home with enough space to entertain.

Elsewhere, House Hunters International explores village life in Bitburg, Germany, the beauty of Brussels, starting over in Tokyo, the ultimate escape to Barcelona, city life in Santiago, and the domestic dream of a pair of newlyweds in Stockholm.


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